Facts About a Window Air Conditioner

The basic working parts in a window air conditioner are: Cooling Coil with an evaporator coil mounted on them. The cooling coil is usually where the warm exchange takes place between the hot air coming from the compressor and the cooled air in the condenser room. Air Jetting System is a fan that sends the cold air into the condenser coils to make the temperature increase. Air Ducts carry the hot air away from the condenser coil and change it into the cool air. Fan Blower is a centrifugal blower to release the cooled air into the condenser coil.

There are two kinds of window air conditioners, Window 1 and Window 2, the Window 1 is cheaper than the Window 2. Window air conditioners need to be maintained properly by using AC repair manuals for proper and correct functioning of the cooling coil and evaporator. The evaporator is mounted in front of the condensing unit and has two fans, one behind the condensing unit and another behind the back part of the evaporator housing.

window-air-conditionerThe fan blades, the cold air flowing from the compressor to the evaporator will rotate. This rotation of the fan blades is very noisy due to friction. The noise produced will be more at night when the air filtering system is not in use. This problem can be solved by rotating the cooling coils using brushes or by replacing the existing fan blades. It is recommended to change the blades or brushes every three years. The air filter needs to be replaced also from time to time depending upon the age of the machine and the type of indoor climate.

Window 2 air conditioner does not need to be changed or serviced as it works fine. The only time required to service this cooling coil is to clean it. The cleaning of the cooling coil should not be done by the homeowner, since it can lead to damage to the evaporator. Instead, a professional technician should do the cleaning.

Window air conditioners are an energy efficient cooling option. This allows the homeowner to save on cooling costs. The operating cost of the window air conditioner is quite low with high efficiency refrigerant. In the long run, this will save money. The energy efficiency rating of Window air conditioners is about 15%, which is good enough for many homes.

Window air conditioner is available in many designs and sizes. For example, some are small enough to be placed on the window sill. Some models are equipped with auto shut down timers. The choice of the window air conditioner depends on where it will be used and how often it will be used.