Different Ways to Clean Different Types of Mens Shoes

So, you just invested in a quality pair of men’s shoes. Now what? With constant exposure to dirt, heat, and moisture, it’s not going to be easy keeping them in tip-top condition. Since worn-out mens shoes Brisbane can ruin an outfit faster than you can swipe left, you need to step in and do something about it. This short yet concise guide will help keep your new kicks spotless clean for years to come.

Mens Shoes BrisbaneHow to Clean Men’s Leather Shoes

With proper care, you can wear your leather shoes for years to come. As long as you keep in mind that you need to keep them clean, you’ll be rocking your leather shoes in style. To clean your leather shoes, use a horsehair brush to remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas to make sure your shoes are shining bright like a diamond, you’ll want to polish them regularly. Apply a small amount of polishing paste using an applicator sponge. Spread it and use a buffering cloth to rub the polish in place. Wipe away any excess paste and let it dry. Simple and easy, right? If you’re wearing your leather shoes frequently, you should do them every other week. If you opt for shoe polish, make sure the colour will match the colour of your leather shoes.

If you go for shoe polish, always make sure the colour matches.

Always remember to brush off your excellent footwear before applying the polish.

Stuff your wet shoes with newspaper to absorb moisture – make sure you repeat when needed.

How to Clean Suede Mens Shoes Brisbane

Every man would agree that suede shoes are effortlessly cool to wear but difficult to keep clean. Unless you can ensure that you’ll never get them wet, you’re going to need a waterproof spray when cleaning your suede shoes. We highly suggest that you get a silicone-based waterproof spray that will help keep the brushed texture soft and smooth. Suede shoes don’t need any polishing; however, the occasional spot cleaning may be necessary. A dry soft-bristled toothbrush works best in removing dirt gently.

Make sure the protective spray that you use is the right colour.

Let your suede shoes dry overnight so that they have the time to absorb the spray fully.

Use a suede brush; it will re-fluff the leather after you clean them.

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