Can EnviroTemp Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency and Service Life?

Ask any budget-savvy homeowner or businessman what consumes the biggest portion of their electricity use, and they’ll tell you it’s managing temperatures in the home or office. Whether it be refrigeration of goods or air conditioning in rooms, it uses up to 70% of the electricity bill. Most people think that the only way to curb energy usage is to sacrifice their comfort by limiting the AC’s running time and set-point temperature. Now here comes EnviroTemp to save the day. It not only increases your air conditioner’s efficiency but extends its service life too.

Not convinced? Sounds too good to be true? I don’t blame you. Read on to find out more about EnviroTemp.

EnvirotempFirst, let’s talk about the heart of air conditioners

An air conditioning unit can cool your home or office thanks to its compressor motor. As the name implies, it compresses the refrigerant then circulates it through the condenser and evaporator, thereby transferring heat out of your house. Moreover, because it comprises of several moving parts, it needs lubricating oil to function.

As the compressor works, small quantities of its lubricant oil get mixed with the refrigerant. This oil eventually coats the condenser and evaporator, forming a clogging, stagnant layer in the coil system that prevents your AC system from cooling the air.

This clogging of lubricant oil is similar to the effect of cholesterol in the human body. The more cholesterol clogs the blood vessels, the harder the heart needs to pump. The more lubricant oil clogs the coil system, the harder the compressor motor needs to work, driving your electricity usage through the roof without providing much comfort in terms of cool air.

According to experts, a typical air conditioning system loses up to 30% of its energy efficiency due to this phenomenon called “oil fouling”.

So what is EnviroTemp?

EnviroTemp is an oil-based solution that removes the stagnant layer of lubricating oil from the condenser and evaporator and prevents oil fouling from occurring again. It is a one-time treatment that’s added in the compressor motor of your air conditioner or refrigeration unit.

Within moments from installation, the EnviroTemp solution will place the lubricating oil back into its rightful place in the circulation. After removing the stagnant layer of oil, it will form a permanent protective layer in your system’s refrigeration circuit, ensuring that the refrigerant gas can travel smoothly.

By installing EnviroTemp into your air conditioning system, you can reduce your energy costs, carbon footprint, and maintenance requirements. You also extend the service life of your unit while increasing the level of comfort that comes with an efficient air conditioner that’s running at full capacity.