There’s More to a Leather Jacket Than You Know

A quality leather jacket provides more than just a fashionable look; they provide tangible security against physical harm. Leather is strong, flexible, and typically comfortable. The dense fibres create a durable, cushioned layer of shielding between your skin and the outside world. This makes a leather jacket the right choice for people who work in industries that expose their bodies to constant risk. 

One of the primary reasons to wear leather jackets is to protect you against harsh weather. If you live or work in a cold, wet climate, a good leather jacket is a significant investment. Waterproof jackets are often designed with pockets on the front to stash wet towels or bottles. Rain jackets are useful in the autumn and winter to keep your arms and face warm and dry.

Many people dont think of leather jackets as being suitable for casual wear. But there are many situations where a quality leather jacket can make you look and feel good. If youre going to a wedding, a leather jacket with a proper fit and design is an appropriate and suitable choice. Conversely, jeans for casual wear might not be the right choice for a formal event in a suit or tuxedo.

Leather jackets from ena pelly can also be relaxed and fun, especially in jazz, rock, or funk styles. Jazz styles often feature pleated jackets with exciting details like zippers, large buckles, and straps. If youre not into the edgy style, youll probably be comfortable with a straight black leather jacket. As for rockers, there are many different options, from short to long sleeves and necklines. One of the most popular looks is a skull t-shirt with a wide leather jacket and skinny jeans.


Women who work in professional environments might choose more dressy or business-like leather jackets. Its not uncommon for women in corporate environments to wear suits, so why not combine the two? You could wear a blazer over your jacket (dont team it with a cardigan) and carry on in your corporate style. However, if you want to look less stiff and more put together when you work for the crowd, a leather jacket with a fitted collar and belt is perfect for you. That way, you can wear it casually as well as wearing it professionally.

Another example is when you are going out on a date. Leather jackets are usually not considered appropriate for a date, but they can certainly be worn if you are going to a club or to a sporting event thats somewhat less formal. Again, you dont have to pair it with your favourite t-shirt and jeans. A nice leather jacket with dress pants or khakis would make a great casual outfit. The same goes for when youre just hanging out with friends. You dont have to spend a lot of money to dress casually with leather jackets; a simple pair of jeans and a button-down shirt are more than enough.

Of course, there are many other situations in which ena pelly leather jackets are appropriate to wear. Outdoor activities are an excellent example of this. Not only will they keep you warm, but youll also look better when you do wear them. Women who participate in biker rallies, motorcycle rallies, and other similar events are only wearing these to accentuate their gender (theres nothing wrong with that). Still, some women choose to wear them because they know they will look good.

Also, leather jackets are suitable for men who want to look more rugged and professional. A leather jacket worn by a man with a shaggy haircut and unkempt beard will do a lot to give him a more masculine look. These kinds of men usually dont need to wear a jacket all the time anyway. However, they do wear them when they want to look more tough and confident. Thats what makes it so interesting — its like a wardrobe staple, but one that you can wear when you want to. If youre intrigued about buying a high-quality jacket, look at this now.