Types of Pallet Freezer Spacers

The many benefits of pallet freezer spacers are that they can reduce cycle times in cold stores and meat processing facilities. By placing the pallet between two layers of boxes, these spacers allow cold air to circulate quickly. In addition, they are easy to clean and are made of food-safe HDPE. They also reduce blast freezing times for cartoned meat. Learn more about pallet freezer spacers and how they can improve your company’s bottom line.

stockinettebags.com.au/pallet-freezer-spacers pallet freezer spacersThe different types of pallet freezer spacers are available in different price ranges. You can choose from Egg crate style, Structural foam, Open-profile, or steel racks. Depending on the application, you may need more or fewer spacers to store the products. To learn more, read! Below is a brief comparison of these pallet freezer spacers. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of each type are briefly discussed.

Egg crate style

Egg crate-style stockinettebags.com.au/pallet-freezer-spacers pallet freezer spacers systems are made for storing eggs or other foods that may be fragile. They help prevent partial freezing and allow cold air to flow more efficiently. They also minimize thawing time, preventing the need to re-freeze goods. These freezer spacer systems come in various sizes and configurations and are durable enough for frequent handling. In addition, they are made from recyclable HDPE plastic, which makes them a good option for any food processing operation.

The egg crate-style pallet freezer spacers can be made of either aluminium or plastic. A plastic spacer is an excellent choice to keep the product from bursting. Its sturdiness means it can withstand the constant stresses of shipping and storage. Depending on the product, you may want to use one made from stainless steel or another material. In either case, it will not dent or chip.

A substantially flat first surface 32 of egg crates 30 is used to separate egg cases and prevent drooping. Its second surface extends parallel to the first surface, providing consistent support for abutting cases 22. It also prevents drooping and blockage of airflow. Its flat second surface 34 provides air pathways to each case. If you want to store multiple cases on one pallet, you can use spacers made of wood slats.

Structural foam

Structural foam stockinettebags.com.au/pallet-freezer-spacers pallet freezer spacers are beneficial in many applications, from thawing products to storing frozen food. These spacers are made of polymeric material with high thermal conductivity of at least three W/mK. Furthermore, the polymer is preferably composed of pliable material with a thawing capacity of 270 pounds per square foot. As a result, spacers can help prevent freezers from forming an ice jam.

In addition to helping avoid freezer odours, structural foam pallet freezer spacers can also help prevent blast freezing. These spacers prevent impressions from forming on your products while increasing airflow in your storage areas. Moreover, structural foam pallet freezer spacers are FDA-approved and have high cold conductivity. These spacers are made from recyclable HDPE materials, contributing to environmental sustainability.

The central body portion 178 of structural foam pallet freezer spacers have a height HT that is substantially planar in the z-direction. The height HT may be set in such a manner as to correspond with a particular height of pallet 4.


An open-profile pallet freezer spacer will ensure maximum air contact with each layer of products stacked on the pallet, resulting in faster freezing. These spacers are made of high-density polyethylene, recyclable, and feature the highest air penetration. As a result, they can be used in truck transport and freezer applications. In addition, they are ideal for food-grade applications because they are completely compostable and offer a long life span.

Plastic freezer spacers offer many benefits over wooden pallets, including being easy to clean and recyclable. This material is also easy to sanitize. In addition, the surface of plastic freezer spacers is non-porous and easily wiped clean. They are also durable, stain-resistant materials for food processing, cold storage, robotic picking, and automated palletizing. Listed below are some of the main benefits of plastic freezer spacers.