Hire a Pro for Blocked Drains


Blocked drains refer to any drainage situation where the main channel or path of a pipe or extensive supply line is blocked. Typically, the cause of such an obstruction is soil, debris or plant growth that has gotten too close or entangled to the inside walls or pipe joint. As a result, there is not enough room for the waste to be flushed out to the designated area when this happens. The resulting situation is a “blocked drain” that can lead to significant plumbing damage and expensive plumbing repairs in the most common cases. When a drain becomes wholly blocked, water flow to the drain or its outlet becomes impossible until the block is cleared from the system.

Root infiltrations usually cause Blocked Drains Adelaide. Root infiltration is caused by a tree root piercing the earth near the pipes where it is growing. If such an occurrence occurs in multiple pipes, the resulting “root breach” will cause several problems. A blocked drain can result in severe water and sewer backed up due to roots penetrating the pipe wall, leading to a basement leak or other damage to the structure. In the worst-case scenario, a blocked drain can also lead to flooding and structural damage to houses and buildings.

The most common cause of blocked drains is grease build-up inside the pipes. Grease build-up is commonly caused by the accumulation of sludge – mineral and oil – from food and grease products that accumulate inside the pipes over time. For example, it can be caused by the spilling of grease from cooking or cleaning equipment, the spilling of old cooking oil over grease grout in the sinks, and the build-up caused by the accumulation of organic matter such as leaves or dirt inside the pipes.

Another prevalent cause of Blocked Drains Adelaide is tree roots entering the sewer lines. Tree roots are known to have strong roots that can quickly push through pipe walls. They can then clog the pipe and cause considerable damage to your sewage system. It is typically seen as long black or green stains in your toilet or bathtub water.

One of the most common causes of grease blockages in sewers is the improper installation of grease traps. These traps are designed to catch heavy grease particles and other solid materials that can become trapped. However, many people don’t place their traps properly to prevent these types of blockages. Improper installation of the grease trap can often result in a clogged pipe. See to it that you hire an expert like Distinct Plumbing to get the job done.

Other common causes of blocked drains include tree roots and other forms of animal waste. Tree roots can quickly enter the sewer lines and cause blockages to occur. Animal waste is generally a mixture of hair, skin, and food particles that can easily get trapped between pipe walls. Such a build-up can quickly cause a foul smell to develop in your home.

Blocked drains can also occur due to overflowing pipes. Whenever toilet drains are overflowing, excess water can accumulate at the bottom of the toilet drain. When water is allowed to sit around in this manner, it can form a mat of sorts around the inside of the toilet drain trap. Such a situation can quickly develop into a complete blockage if not addressed on time.

If you’re experiencing blocked drains, it’s essential to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Call Distinct Plumbing for your convenience.