Choosing a Great Bike Shop

It’s a dream for many bikers to own their bike shop and make money from it. Sadly, this dream seldom comes true. For many reasons, though, it’s a business venture that many people fail to take off. In this article, I share three tips in choosing the bike shop that will help you build a good bike shop.

You need to sell cycling shoes and other sports gear: If you’re an avid cyclist, you probably already know that you need to have good cycling shoes to keep your feet comfortable during your rides. However, an essential piece of cycling gear that you should have is good pedals. So congratulations on picking a segment that continues to grow while other segments falter. As consumers suddenly can no longer go to the store to purchase new bike pedals, there’s been a significant jump in high-priced pedal purchases.

Many bike shops near me are now specialising in one type of riding: commuting to work. And with the number of people who commute, you can bet that there’s a significant demand for quality urban riding shoes. Urban biking shoes are typically built for city riding on modern streets with curbs and other obstacles, and they’re light, thin and built tough. These shoes are what serious cyclists wear to commute to work.

Women are better at mountain biking: Yes, the sport isn’t nearly as popular as road bike riding, but it is a sport that carries its unique benefits. Mountain bikers need solid and flexible tires that can take a lot of abuse on steep slopes. Women’s mountain bike shoes have very similar qualities. Women also excel in other types of cycling such as trail cycling, hybrid, sprinting, and cross country racing.

Bikes come in a massive variety of sizes: If you’ve ever walked into a bike shop to purchase a bike, you’ve seen the wide range of choices available to you. The bike fit staff can tell you in seconds whether your frame size is too small or too big. Bikes can come in just about any size you can imagine – from youth racing bike size to mountain bike size. So make sure you get the right bike size for your body! A shop that specialises in mountain bike riding might be able to help you find a specialised bike fit if your regular bike size won’t do.

A successful bike shops near me will keep up with technology: Yes, there are more sophisticated ways to ride today than there were even just a few short years ago. But those advances don’t mean much unless the shop can keep up with them. A successful bike shop keeps up with today’s bikes by stocking them with the latest gear. For example, specialised mountain bikes need suspension systems and other upgrades. A shop that’s been doing business for a while can likely maintain a stock of the best biking gear around. It means a knowledgeable staff can help you choose between the latest and best bikes on the market.

Test rides are essential: You shouldn’t just take anyone to try out a new bike at random. Even professional testers use a qualified mechanic for a test ride. A good bike shop will always have a qualified mechanic on hand. Test rides help a lot with making sure you’re getting the most enjoyment out of your new bike. Shop staff can even help you figure out what might be wrong with your bike, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Bike shop technicians know all about the brands they work with and can recommend the best brands for your bike. They also know which bikes are lightweight enough for your skill level and built for experienced bikers. So look for a bike shop that can advise you about the best bikes for your skill level. You can find everything from mountain, hybrid, and road bikes to cruisers and mountain bikes in a bike shop.