The Key Benefits of Using Bale Wrap in Hay Farming

Traditional baling can still be seen in many countries around the world. However, today’s farmers have started embracing the new processes that allow for bigger savings and better produce. These new methods include the use of bale wrap. You can get more info regarding this topic as you read along.


In traditional baling, farmers use balers twine to compress and stack-up the hay. Back then, the twine was used to create smaller square bales. However, a new generation of farming experts discovered that other types of hay wrappers could save more time, money, and effort in the long run.


Round bales have also become more popular these days. Most farmers say round bales come out with the higher quality of hay if bale wrap is used. You can consult with a local provider to get more info regarding the wrappers that will work best for your farming practices.


Bale wrappers, unlike baling twine, allow farmers to create round bales. These bales are then stored outdoors. Since wrappers are cover and compress an entire bundle of hay, there is no need to build a new indoor storage room. The round bales can then be stacked up outside since the material wrapping them can withstand harsh weather conditions.


Storage is a very critical part of hay farming. If your bales aren’t stored properly, they will quickly wear away and will not retain their quality. If you’re planning to sell your hay bales, it is best to ensure that storage practices in the farm are efficient and cost-effective.


You can improve storage methods in the farm through the use of bale wrap. Baling twine is an excellent choice if you have wide, indoor storage spaces. However, experts recommend cling or film wrappers if you want to store up more bales outside.


Many farmers use bale wrap because the product ensures reduced storage loss and less time in baling. Since there are other duties to be fulfilled in the farm, 30 minutes to an hour saved in the baling process is already significant, and you can still accomplish different things.



When using baling twine, you may need to use more rolls of twine. It means you’re not saving big money even if the product is more affordable than bale wrap. On the other hand, plastic or net wraps are known for harvest loss reduction properties.


Whether your farm is still new in the industry or you’ve been doing business for years, opt for the wrapper that will save you both money and time in the long run. This way, you can get the best out of your farm investments.