Lo&CoInteriors Brushed Brass Door Handles – A Perfect Touch For Your Home

Brushed Brass! Soft, satin-finished brass is even more distinguished and delicate than the mirror-polished brass handles in the ’80s. Today many interior designers have been adding brushed brass accessories like cabinet hardware, faucets and light fixtures to their modern homes. Many older houses have kept their original brass handles, but brushed brass is preferred over mirror-polished finishes for modern homes. The satin finish can be tarnished or scratched easily, while the polished finish can remain virtually stain free.

Lo&CoInteriors-brushed-brass-door-handlesLo&CoInteriors brushed Brass door handles give a classic Victorian style to an older home or give a touch of sophistication to a contemporary home. You can find brushed brass door handles in various finishes, from brushed bronze to oil rubbed bronze, brushed chrome and more. You can match the door handle with your other interior hardware, or you can coordinate the door handle with the entire room’s design. You can even choose a brushed brass door handle that goes well with all kinds of decor. The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a more elegant or traditional type of Lo&CoInteriors brushed Brass door handles, you might want to look at antique brass door handles. The antique brass door handles are also metal, but they are gold or silver rather than satin. They may be painted a colour you like, but if you get an unpainted one, you can still have it textured or lacquered to achieve a rustic, vintage feel. These door handles go great with old furniture and older house styles.

Cleaning these bronze door handles is a matter of wiping them down with a soft, dry cloth and then cleaning off the dust with a wet rag. Once you’ve finished cleaning, you will need to oil the bronze handles a little bit before putting them into the door frame. It will help the bronze door handles wear correctly and won’t cause any scratching or chipping. Before installation, you will want to check for any damage or deterioration so that you can make the necessary repairs before installation.

Lo&CoInteriors brushed Brass door handles are among the most popular door handles for your home. When choosing a finish, you have a choice of many different finishes. You can choose finishes like oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, brushed bronze, oil rubbed copper, chrome, and many other options. Some people prefer to have a metal trim incorporated into their bronze door handles. You could choose a ring of metal along the top of the handle or a straight band. Whatever style you prefer, the choice is yours.

As mentioned, brushed brass door hardware comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Because of the variations available, it’s almost impossible to fit your brass door hardware into any existing door. That’s why it’s essential to measure your doors. Measure from one edge to another, and make sure you get the entire width of the doorway, including the jamb, when you are shopping for new door handles.